DRL Team


Alan Fern Headshot Photo

Alan Fern

DRL Co-Director,
Professor, Artificial Intelligence

Doctoral Students

Masters Students

Jonah Siekmann Headshot Photo

Jonah Siekmann

MS Student,
Ashish Malik Headshot Photo

Ashish Malik

MS Student,

Undergraduate Researchers

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Carl Wilcox

BS Student,
Mechanical Engineering
Ella Murdy Headshot Photo

Ella Mudry

BS Student,
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Postdoctoral Alumni

  • Daniel Renjewski, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Siavash Rezazadeh, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Alex Sproewitz, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Behnam Dadashzadeh, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Huaxin Liu, Mechanical Engineering.

Graduate Alumni

Name Department Recruited To
Lorenzo Bermillo MEng Student, Robotics Duolingo
Patrick Clary MS Student, Robotics Agility Robotics
Mike Hector MS Student, Robotics Embedded Resources Group
Brian Layng MS Student, Robotics Edwards Vacuum
Jesse Rond MS Student, Robotics Vicarious
Taylor Apgar MS Student, Robotics Agility Robotics
Andy Abate PhD Student, Robotics Agility Robotics
Pavel Zaytsev MS Student, Robotics Imagination International
Mikhail Jones MS Student, Robotics Cofounded Agility Robotics
Christian Hubicki PhD Student, Robotics Postdoc at Georgia Tech
Hamid Vejdani PhD Student, Robotics Postdoc at Brown University
Andrew Peekema MS Student, Robotics Honeybee Robotics
Jesse Grimes MS Student, Robotics Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Kevin Kemper MS Student, Robotics Meka Robotics
Devin Koepl MS Student, Robotics Hewlett-Packard
Brent Piercy MS Student, Robotics Ekso Bionics

Undergraduate Alumni

Name Department
Yesh Godse Computer Science
John Warila Computer Science
Jonah Siekmann Computer Science
Pedro Morais Computer Science
Andrew Sanders Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mitch Bernards Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Domres Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ross McCullough Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Van Why Math & Computer Science
Soo-Hyun Yoo Computer Science
Nathan Berge Mechanical Engineering
Fred Berthelsdorf Mechanical Engineering
Justin Blumer Mechanical Engineering
Michael Dexter Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Espinosa Mechanical Engineering
Nick Hansen Electrical and Computer Engineering
Allison Joyner Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Luc Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Mick Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Shepard Mechanical Engineering
Eric Bortvedt Civil Engineering
Joe Colett Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell Daniels Mechanical Engineering
Drew Gabler Mechanical Engineering
Dylan Haney Mechanical Engineering
Aidan Lance Computer Science
Kaitlin Perdue Music
Alex Sheehan Mechanical Engineering
Kit Morton Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ryan Skeele Mechanical Engineering