Graduate Students

We always welcome applications for potential MS, PhD, and PostDoc students with research interests that are well aligned with ours. We are looking for motivated, hard-working, enthusiastic researchers with experience in, and control theory, reinforcement learning, and optimization. Preferred experience:

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Undergraduate Research Assistants

We are always seeking talented students to help us achieve the goals of the DRL. For research assistants, the goal of laboratory research is to gain experience, learn from the graduate students and faculty, earn strong recommendations for graduate school and future careers, and gain advice from those who are more senior to you. There are several ways to get involved:

To earn a position in the DRL, you must demonstrate that you are useful for laboratory research. Examples of convincing demonstrations include:

To get more information, please reach out here

*Important note: hourly paid positions are few, and held by those with skills that are critically needed by the laboratory. Whether paid or not, your motivation for working in the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory MUST be the interesting work, and the experience gained. Wages are analogous to a stipend, where the goal is to enable you to spend time doing research in the laboratory rather than working at a job.